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Executive Transitions: Designing Your Next Chapter

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You Are About to Leave Your Full-time Position and Change Everything.

How Do You Even Begin? Moving from a corporate senior-level position to the next chapter is a significant life change. Your former life required a huge time commitment, both in and out of the office. As a result, your social connections, behavior, and sense of self were probably directly related to your position. Now, everything that was familiar is changing – and it’s important to remember change is a good thing – and a whole new, unexpected and exciting world is opening up.


Charge Forward

Make a Seamless Transition to Your Next Chapter

Eleven Canterbury’s remarkable Executive Transitions: Designing Your Next Chapter series is specifically designed to help you make your exit from corporate life and swiftly activate your next chapter in the private sector. The Executive Transitions series more than lives up to its name. Facilitated by experts in their subject matter who have successfully switched to dynamic new careers, you will:

  • Absorb and handle change
  • Discover new areas of opportunity
  • Build a new network and support system
  • Develop the skills to succeed

Transition Seamlessly

You Can Do It All. Let us teach you how.

“It provides great advice on how to prepare to engage with the world via various channels and the opportunity to hear insightful experiences from others who have tread the same path. A must for anyone who is at that crossroads in their career.”

–Brona Brillant, Former Head of Transformation, Prudential Life Assurance

Exclusive Sessions to Accelerate Your Progress

Your rise to C-suite status didn’t happen overnight. You learned as you went along. Leaving that life and beginning another also means learning new skills and a shift in perception. To achieve this goal, the Eleven Canterbury team has created a live, online, interactive journey in expertly-guided sessions to speed you on your way. These high-level, transformative sessions are conducted in small cohorts of fewer than ten to allow for interaction between participants and facilitators. Climb on board, and your transition will be a smooth and fascinating ride.

Eye-opening Sessions Included in the Executive Transitions series:

  • Making the Transition: An introduction to designing your next chapter
  • The Role of Experts in Litigation
  • Building a Successful Board Portfolio
  • Working with Private Equity
  • Reputation Management & Digital Presence
  • The Road to Certified Coaching
  • From Adjunct to Executive in Residence, Opportunities Abound
  • Work and Life: Finding Balance
  • Crossing the Cultural Divide

Who else benefits from the series?

The Executive Transitions Series is not only suited to those who have recently left their full-time positions. Many former executives who have established consultancies in the private sector find Executive Transitions to be beneficial in gaining an of-the-moment understanding of the changing dynamics in today’s business environment. Through the series, they have the opportunity to refresh their goals and refocus their skills. They also gain insight into the leadership skills needed to navigate the different cultures, technical applications, and workforce issues they’ll encounter in today’s new normal and the agility they’ll need to successfully step into new opportunities, including interim, executive coaching, and board positions.

The Series Creators Are Also Your Facilitators – Authentic, Experienced Guides

This unique series has been carefully curated by Eleven Canterbury in collaboration with subject matter experts within our network and some of our most valued clients. Designed to be interactive, each session allows for shared experiences and encourages in-depth conversation, problem-solving, and creativity. The skills you learn will serve you again and again.

Our facilitators are experienced across multiple industries and verticals, and skilled in areas that include:

  • Human Capital Development
  • Business Development
  • Personal Branding and Communications
  • Executive Coaching
  • Private Equity
  • Boards both public and not for profit
  • Teaching in higher education


Facilitators will be available for one-on-one coaching sessions following the series. Fees will vary depending on the length of the session. For information and to schedule a one-on-one session, contact


Live, Online, Interactive Journey!

Curate your own Executive Transitions experience

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