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Eleven Canterbury is an agency representing a global network of vetted C-suite executives who have held senior leadership positions within Fortune 500 companies. Our ability to match their knowledge and expertise with the specific needs of our clients is unparalleled be it litigation consulting, c-suite placements, or board positions.
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Our network of experts are sought-after international C-Suite executives and industry leaders.

Our invitation-only network of executive experts are international industry leaders who are ready to take on exciting challenges that leverage their experience, wisdom and expertise.

Network Updates

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If you have questions about the Executive Transition Accelerator, please contact: Dan Martin dmartin@elevencanterbury.com or Frank Chellew frank@elevencanterbury.com
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Our business partners count on us for their most critical enterprise and legal engagements.

We individually select C-Suite executives from our extensive international network to meet the exact needs of each assignment. Because of our reputation and strong relationships in international business, our clients trust us with their most sensitive, high-profile searches.

Global experience. Local market insight. Our network of international business C-Suite executives represents every major business sector.

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Our network includes experts from 21+ countries throughout the Americas, EMEA and APAC.
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More than 1,000 experts worldwide with extensive experience in major industries.
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Our proprietary search methodology lets us  find the perfect fit for practically every opportunity.

Short-term engagements,
lasting excellence.

Most of our client’s business needs are very specific. Here are some examples of project assignments our experts support:

Expert Witness & Litigation Services

Our Expert Witness & Litigation services provides firms with subject matter experts who have unique and relevant industry expertise. We work with both external legal advisors and in-house legal teams.

Go-To-Market Strategy

Our go-to-market strategy experts use deep industry experience to help a client looking to enter or expand within a market develop an actionable plan that moves them toward a specific business goal or competitive advantage.

C-Suite Placements

Hiring a C-level executive or expert quickly is not an easy task. Our network allows us to find the talent you need to fill your interim and full-time roles.

Strategic Management

Identify actionable approaches that provide maximum business benefit in an environment that is changing as a result of technology, culture, market evolution or competition.

Advisory Boards

Advisory Boards can bring an outside view of the industry, technical expertise, strategy, and business development that may not be present within your company.

Coaching and Mentoring

Helping high-valued employees explore and reach their potential through one-on-one leadership development.

Meet our experts.

Our network includes top executives from many of the world’s highest-profile companies.

*Selected Experts

We welcome the opportunity to connect.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Eleven Canterbury network as either a client or executive expert, please connect with us via the link below.
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