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Your First Eleven Canterbury Connection Won’t be Your Last

“We’ve worked with Eleven Canterbury, for almost a decade. We trust them implicitly, to find us that needle in the haystack expert, to tell us when they can’t and to safeguard our search from any conflicts of interest.”

“Eleven Canterbury’s talent is world-class and provides superlative intellectual capital to bring to bear on your most complex business imperatives. Without that, you are just doing it wrong.”

“We value that the Eleven Canterbury principals have prior relationships with their experts.  They stand behind the people and work of the people they recommend.  They source highly qualified executives with the right background, industry expertise and coaching styles to meet our demanding client needs.”

“We have been using Eleven Canterbury as deep due diligence specialists for over ten years. They conduct their work efficiently, produce reports our business people can readily digest, and are discrete, leaving no ‘tracks’ in the market.”

“Speed and geographic reach is critical for us. It’s not uncommon for us to request talent in Europe, Asia, or South America or for candidates who speak specific languages or have worked for specific companies. Eleven Canterbury finds those candidates. If it’s not on the shelf, they are able to quickly network to the right expertise.”

“In today’s business environment, the pace of change and disruption is unprecedented. The need for senior talent with deep industry domain expertise backed with decades of real-world experience to advise on strategy and execution is everything.  Eleven Canterbury consistently sources highly-relevant, targeted talent to meet the most complex and strategic business needs of our clients.”

“We trust Eleven Canterbury to deliver qualified candidates again and again. Their response time and follow-through are fantastic. And they are honest. When they can’t find a fit, they tell us up front so we can go to a secondary source. We depend on that transparency.”

“I run the global M&A effort at an acquisitive public company and don’t tolerate due diligence ‘misses.’  Eleven Canterbury has helped us avoid more than a couple of mistakes, and have become a trusted partner in our M&A program.”

“Eleven Canterbury staffs our engagements with accomplished, senior executives who apply their deep and practical domain expertise to product assessment, and who leverage extensive industry relationships to gather perceptions about both our acquisition target and strategic developments in the sector.”

“Eleven Canterbury has proven to be an invaluable source for expert witnesses. The Eleven Canterbury team goes above and beyond to find the best candidates with the right qualifications for the engagement.”

“We return to Eleven Canterbury because we trust their team to find us the most qualified experts – even for challenging searches. They ask questions upfront and deliver candidates who meet the criteria, are cleared of conflicts, and professional in ways essential for experts in litigation matters.”

Contact us to see how we can work together!

US +1 888 330 6850
UK +44 330 808 7362
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