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Executive Transitions for Organizations

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Change is Good 

Help Your Most Valuable Players Embrace Change

Your employees are your greatest asset. Many of your most valuable players have risen to the top of their game and crafted critical solutions for the clients or customers your organization serves. Change, however, is inevitable. A proactive approach can help you support your executives as they transition or navigate new pathways due to restructuring or retirement – whether voluntary or mandatory. Are you ready to provide the support they need as they embrace change?

At Eleven Canterbury, we help organizations like yours tackle the often challenging world of employee transitions. Our programs provide executives with tailored, relevant solutions that meet their needs.


Executive Transitions: Designing Your Next Chapter

“Executive Transitions was extremely worthwhile. Most of us spend our adult lives pursuing our careers. We rarely think about what we want to do after our career when we still have much to offer. Through a distinguished panel of subject matter experts, the program provided insights, information, and resources in areas I had not considered, like becoming a board director, a consultant in private equity, and an executive coach. Executive Transitions gave me the information needed to apply a lifetime of knowledge and skills to successfully enter the private sector through concrete examples.”


President, LaMagna and Associates, Former Director of Global Anti-counterfeiting Investigations, Microsoft

About the Program

The Executive Transitions: Designing Your Next Chapter program consists of high-level live, virtual sessions conducted in small cohorts of fewer than ten. This intimate, professional setting encourages robust interaction and sets participants up to succeed.

Participants who complete our programs are better prepared to achieve the following goals:

  • Absorb and handle change
  • Discover new areas of opportunity
  • Understand your passion, brand, and network
  • Refresh and develop the skills to succeed

Led by expert facilitators who themselves have successfully switched careers, the Executive Transitions program is organized around the participants as the focus. The small cohort allows for reflective and meaningful discussions as participants sharpen their career planning toolkits, refine their value propositions and reassess opportunities. The program is customizable to align with your company’s culture and includes four core sessions:

  • Introduction: Uncovering Your Purpose and Brand
  • Building a Digital Presence
  • Discovering Work-Life Harmony
  • Embracing the Transition: Looking to the Future

Three sessions are then selected from the list below to round out the program*:

  • Expert Witness: The Engagement Process and Delivery
  • Building a Successful Board Portfolio
  • Working with Private Equity
  • The Road to Certified Coaching
  • Starting a Consulting Practice

A program may also be customized for executives who prefer to work one-on-one with the facilitators.
*Additional sessions may be added for a per-session fee.

Charge Forward

Why Eleven Canterbury

Eleven Canterbury is a global executive placement firm with a talent network of more than 3,000 individuals who have held leadership roles as senior executives, many from Fortune 500 companies. Our facilitators are experienced across multiple industries and verticals and skilled in areas that include:

  • Human Capital Development
  • Business Development
  • Personal Branding and Communications
  • Executive Coaching
  • Private Equity and VC
  • Boards (both public and not-for-profit)
  • Teaching in Higher Education

At Eleven Canterbury, we believe change is good. We thrive by providing our clients with seamless support, unique experiences, and the critical tools individuals need to navigate transitions, all while discovering the best opportunities for their next chapter. Learn how we can help you serve your employees as they embrace change.


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