The Value of Interim Leadership in Times of Great Change

Jul 9, 2020

By Steve Hewitt

Uncertain times call for decisive leadership. All companies are being forced to accept new realities and adopt new ways of doing business. While developing innovative processes to support clients they must have the ability and willingness to pivot to novel methods for delivery, development, and support of their products and services. During this critical time there is an immediate need for experienced executives to provide steadfast leadership and external support to help existing leadership teams execute on these challenges.

In this new world, business decisions need to be made in an environment with no face to face meetings, new ways of working, and uncertain outcomes. Interim executive management can be part of the solution. Interim executives provide immediate impact, continuity, and thought leadership. They are available on very short notice and have the ability to hit the ground running with ready-made, tried and tested processes, crafted and developed throughout their years on the front lines. More importantly, they’ve led companies of all sizes through turn-around, re-alignment, and crisis management, and they possess crucial perspectives and experiences that gives them the ability to deliver rapid responses and results. Interim Executives can provide a relief valve to existing management teams, to enhance skill shortages or take responsibility for specific projects or initiatives.

Companies of all sizes, from start-up to Fortune 500, even those with extensive executive and board resources, can benefit from outside-side-in executive points of view delivered by Interim Executives.

Eleven Canterbury is an agency that represents a global network of personally selected C-suite executives who have held senior leadership positions within international Fortune 500 companies. As interim leaders, they combine invaluable insight and practical experience with pragmatic crisis planning and business remediation skills, and are prepared to take on critical challenges that leverage their experience, wisdom and expertise.

Our ability to match the executive’s knowledge and expertise with the specific needs of our clients is unparalleled. Click here and let us help you discover the right Interim Executive to successfully lead your company into the new world of business.

Steve Hewitt is a Partner at Eleven Canterbury, and a management consultant with a focus on developing and emerging stage companies.

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